Two distros

All questions and problems regarding the installation and upgrades of LXDE from USB Stick, Live CD or Web.
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Two distros

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My primary OS is LXLE no doubt. But I wanted to install another for fun I thought I would have to go bananas. It is pretty easy, when the OS asks, you'll get a choice of hard drives, you may have to go back and forth a bit, but it is easy. My Maxtor HD came right up and I watched my RAID lights flicker. I found this OS easy to install also. I am not going to mess with ti to much, it is for experimentation and playful purposes. I have a couple more HDs, five from all my old computers. May be each with get a distro. 8-)

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Re: Two distros

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If you need to reboot to change distro's or desktop types that can be fine. I'm told it can be done. If you want to simply log out of one desktop such as lxde and then into another say kde or any other on the same machine things aren't really as they should be, Both desktops will have the same mix of applications in them.

If some one wants more than one user account that uses the same desktop they are mostly kept separate

If some one wants more than one user account but with different desktops some aspects are separate but both finish up with a mix of applications from each. :? I'm trying to sort that out at the moment. Interesting as each user gets the same mix of folders in there $HOME as well as the mix of apps. It's hard to be sure which desktop type needs which folders and some applications may just create them again if they are missing so those need removing some how first.

:mrgreen: Maybe I am in need of a life as I am determined to sort the last paragraph problems out. I should have better things to do.