acer aspire one

All questions and problems regarding the installation and upgrades of LXDE from USB Stick, Live CD or Web.
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acer aspire one

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i recently got a acer aspire one for my birthday and it is easily one of the slowest computers i have ever used. I attempted to install Ldxe to get a smoother running laptop. Due to the fact that it is a net book i had to attempt to install it with a usb and honestly got lost somewhere along the way doing that every Linux os i have tried not one of them get past the startup menu. probably messed up with the install and am now trying to get someone to walk me through the install

i probably sound pretty stupid as i am not a very tech literate

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Re: acer aspire one

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my 10" acer aspire one is running archlinux with the i3 window manager. i recommend a tiler because a) there's so little screenspace and b) the touchpad is so small.
but i digress, this is hardly relevant for you.

anyhow, why is installing from usb harder than from a cd? the process is exactly the same.

in any case, you have to describe in a technical way what you did and where it failed, preferably with command output / screenshot etc.

please read these articles and try to come up with a good description: ... a_Question