[Lubuntu 17.04] Network configuration not migrated to systemd

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[Lubuntu 17.04] Network configuration not migrated to systemd

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I've just updated to Ubuntu 17.04 and noticed that the network configuration is now managed by systemd-resolver.
However - on my workstation - the network configuration was not properly migrated; I had to manually fiddle with systemd config files to have it working again.

Namely, I diagnosed that the DNS management was passed into systemd hands by reading in /etc/resolf.conf.
I added a config file for my eth0 that looks like this:

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$ sudo cat /lib/systemd/network/80-container-eth.network
( is my router, adjust as needed)

Then I've restarted the network service with

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sudo service network-manager restart
And everything was fine again.

Hope this saves some time to anyone that may be experiencing this issue.

p.s. LXPanel's network applet seems that in Ubuntu 17.04 does not manage anymore the network configuration (maybe due to the above).