Winning Windows Users Over

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Winning Windows Users Over

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I have a laptop computer at the dance studio that gets passed around a lot. To make it super-simple and familiar looking to most of the dancers, I use LXDE with a pretty wallpaper and "clickable icons" so that users completely unfamiliar with Linux can use it effortlessly. They don't even know it's Linux unless I tell them (usually when they comment on how easy and speedy it is). I have won over more than one dancer to Linux just by letting them experience how "user-friendly," fast, and simply non-geeky Linux can be. LXDE rocks! And it has been the main reason that my friends and family have changed their minds about Linux.

I just want to say thank you to the wonderful people behind the scenes who have done so much to make such a huge difference.

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Re: Winning Windows Users Over

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Most people have no idea what operating system they are using. They just use whatever is loaded. What is really funny now days is to see a Windows user try to install a Linux program. :lol: