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Use of a template for softwares' versions in the wiki

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:09 am
by Julius22
I recently saw that someone added templates (s)he used to display the version numbers of some LXDE softwares in the english speaking LXDE wiki.
Although I think it is not so useful in a single wiki, I wanted to try and use the templates in the french speaking LXDE wiki. But LXDE's wiki is in fact several wikis for each language (correct me if I'm wrong). So, I can't use a template from the english speaking wiki in the french speaking one.
But I've read in the MediaWiki documentation that you can use a template from an external wiki (even if the usage I want to do of it is only technically external). This would allow us to only change one page to change the version number of a software in all languages' wikis.
But who can enable it? And is it a good idea? (What about security?)