New design for LXDE-Qt

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New design for LXDE-Qt

Postby zaun » Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:11 pm

Hi, I'm zaun, a new user. I've been using Lubuntu for 2 years and I love its stability and lightness. However, I humbly think that we could try to implement a new design. I know that the lightness determines the design (we can't have some type of effects, for example).

My idea consists of three elements.

1-The panel: the panel should be at the top, and it should have a global menu (this is important because of 2 reasons: a)It saves screen space*. b)It helps to integrate into LXDE non-LXDE apps**). It should also have, at the right, a place for indicators and a place for notifications.

2-The dock: it should be placed at the bottom (but the position could be customizable). No effects, simple.

3-The launcher: the dock should have an Android-like icon to access all apps. From there, the user could launch or dock them. It should have a search feature and also, by right-clicking the launcher icon, a Gnome-like menu ( ... enu.png.en) should be deployed. Like this, we could have 2 options to look for apps: one more "classical" and one more "modern", to satisfy all users.

It is similar to OS X, but so much simpler: no blurs, no effects.

What do you think about it? I will prepare a mockup (a bad mockup, I'm not good at all at drawing :P) to show you it.

Thanks for your attention!

PD: excuse my English.

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Re: New design for LXDE-Qt

Postby Rex Bouwense » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:39 pm

You may or may not receive any comments here but if you want developers to see your comments this is probably the wrong place to post them. Developers rarely (I will not say never) read forums. Since the lxde team is very small they generally don't have the time. By the way welcome to the lxde forums.

See the third announcement at the beginning of this forum.
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