Change the windowcolour and themes ?

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Change the windowcolour and themes ?

Post by Smilingsam »

Hello! Im pretty new to Lubuntu and right now trying to personalize it.
Im sorry my systemlanguage is german so i dont know whats the same option and settings called on an english OS. Er... i tried to change the windowcolour under the option with lxappearance. For weird reasons changing the windowcolour doenst apply to the windows. Not even after restart. What am i doing wrong? :oops:
I also tried to change the themes instead and downloaded a theme i like. Its an .emt data and since im totally new to whole linux and Lubuntu things i have no idear how to set it, or change it to an .obt data.
I already read descriptions how to set new themes but i wasnt able to finde the so calles ~/themes (or something similar) order.
Can someone help me?

Another thing. While i type, EVERY wort i write has red snakelines under it. So opically confusing. How to change that?

greets, sam :mrgreen:

Rex Bouwense
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Re: Change the windowcolour and themes ?

Post by Rex Bouwense »

Welcome to the lxde forum. I have deleted your other duplicate posts for you.
Lubuntu 18.04

Bob E
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Re: Change the windowcolour and themes ?

Post by Bob E »

Hi Smilingsam. Look in your menu and see if you have "Openbox Configuration Manager".


I would actually bet you don't. No problem. All you have to do is open the terminal and enter:

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sudo apt-get install obconf
Then go back to your menu like above and open it. You will be able to change themes from this for sure. ;)