Dropbox Icons for Lubuntu

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Dropbox Icons for Lubuntu

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Dropbox tray icons don't look good with lubuntu theme. Unfortunately there are no dropbox icons in the Lubuntu Icon Theme. Yet, there are icons of Ubuntu One cloud service (now closed). These icons can be easily used for dropbox. I resized them 18x18 and converted in PNG (just becasue so are original dropbox icons) and then renamed them. I attache them here. To use them open PCManFM in your home folder, CTRL+H to see hidden folders, go into .dropbox-dist folder, then into dropbox-lnx.x86_64-3.12.4 (or whatever is your version), images, hicolor, 16x16, status. Backup original icons in this folder and replace them with those provided in the attached file. Restart and now dropbox icon looks like a cloud which fits well in Lubuntu's tray. Note that whenever dropbox updates to a new versions it will restore original icons.
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Re: Dropbox Icons for Lubuntu

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