Desktop Concept for Lubuntu/LXDE

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Re: Desktop Concept for Lubuntu/LXDE

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Mayrinck wrote:ps: I am trying to create a navigable concept of all this on codepen, using HTML, CSS and JS, you can check it here:
so instead of coding anything, you are wasting time on a clickable preview?
designers, tsk. :roll:

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Re: Desktop Concept for Lubuntu/LXDE

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Well, I don't know how to program such stuff, so I literally can't.
And I did this because I believe that the more interactive the concept could be, the easier for any programmer to do it exactly as is...

Still... Some new desktop environments are made with traces or only with HTML, CSS and JS (like: Gnome Shell, Mezzo) so, I AM KIND-OF PROGRAMMING IT :lol:
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