OpenSuSE-LXDE Desktop wallpaper: 'Spacy Series'

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OpenSuSE-LXDE Desktop wallpaper: 'Spacy Series'

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*** Want Some LXDE Wallpaper for Your Distro? Give Me Some Feedback, and I'll Do It! ***

Some OpenSuSE-LXDE Desktop wallpaper!

Made on ImageMagick® - Resolution: 1920x1080

This is from the 'Spacy Series' - A fun, colorful, and comfortable-on-the-eyes collection.

Enjoy! :mrgreen:

SpaceGlow ... ed-public/

SpaceGlow-Blood ... ed-public/

SpaceGlow-Dream ... ed-public/

SpaceGlow-Grape ... ed-public/

Spacy Series - SpaceGlow, SpaceGlow-Blood, SpaceGlow-Dream, SpaceGlow-Grape by Randall T. Lewis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
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