Artwork for Lubuntu

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by hdche »

i like HONKIs logo a lot! ... =120#p4114
good job!

and here are some wallpapers
just mixed colors and textures


and this

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by Marked »

Hi, I created a wallpaper for lubuntu.
I used current LXDE and lubuntu logos.

Wallpaper without logo (created using GIMP fractals):

Wallpaper with logo:

Logo is also here (transparent background):

Hope someone will like it.

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by Levan »

A wallpaper for lubuntu pleas give me feed back and thank you

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by Noir »

Hi Everyone!

I am a rookie here, and love all images in the topic, but I have a Question: May I put Photos (landscapes) in this forum for wallpaper? I Wold Like do it, because I don't work with programs like Inkkscape, but love photography.

See ya.

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by zeus5 »

I had to register just to say this. Can we please drop the chrome bird logo in favor of honki's ideas fully?
In my humble opinion, honki's paper plane logo transmits the idea of "lightness" much more effectively than the what we have right now and what was suggested by other contributors due to the clean lines it has, it just looks polished and minimal.
honki wrote:Image

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by Sam »

Hello to everyone.

The "paperplane" logo, brilliant idea, very professional work.
If you happened to be in search of a way to be closer to the "Ubuntu family" in terms of image, here is an idea: keep the base logo, keep the idea of the three people connected, and simplify it to gain visual power.

Less might be more sometimes, in this case the philosophy of the distribution could be applied to the logo.
Instead of "adding" (a distinctive shape that would be representative of the unique personality of the distro), having this simplicity applied to the "family logo" (the distro already has a distinctive color) might represent fully Lubuntu.

Here are "hints", and kind of a "progress sheet" for you to see the process.
(These are only hints and should not be regarded as a finished product.)
Made with Inkscape, modifying this file. Thanks to the original artist.

Best to you all.
(146.75 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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Re: Artwork for Lubuntu

Post by LuvLinuxOS »

Nice picture, I do plan on using it!!!

Be Blessed!!!