Single click in bottom pixel row grabs taskbar button

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Single click in bottom pixel row grabs taskbar button

Postby JasonMel » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:55 pm

I'd like to make sure this is actually a bug before I submit it at Sourceforge.

When the mouse cursor is anywhere other than at the very bottom of the screen, a single click on a taskbar button does what it's supposed to: it brings up the associated window. However, clicking a taskbar button at the bottom pixel row of the screen appears to grab the button, as though I had clicked and held the button in preparation for a drag-and-drop operation to reorder the buttons. The associated window does not come up, and the cursor changes to a fist. Left alone, the cursor stays this way. Any mouse movement after this causes the cursor to change to the semi-transparent hamburger-menu icon for approximately 0.5 seconds (the same icon that goes with click-dragging a taskbar button), then back to the normal arrow cursor, after which I can try again.

I'm on stock Lubuntu 17.10 64-bit with the open-vm-tools package, running on the free VMware 12 Workstation Player in Windows 8.

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Re: Single click in bottom pixel row grabs taskbar button

Postby drooly » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:48 am

not a bug.

taskbar buttons are buttons, meaning they have a defined border that is smaller than the panel itself.
it is to be expected that clicking outside of the button area does something else.
i'm sure you could try different themes and see how that area is sometimes just 1px, sometimes more.

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