can't open files anymore

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can't open files anymore

Postby canistel » Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:46 pm

I was happily using pcmanfm for a while, along with the lxde desktop, but something odd happened to my home dir one day and now I have problems with pcmanfm. (I'm using xfs as my home partition file system, and apparently it has this bug where it can set all bytes in a file to all zero's; this happened to me, and other programs were also affected; I lost my entire thunderbird profile, for example).

Whenever I double click on a file to open it (on the desktop or in the file browser itself) it just shows the "Choose an application" window, with absolutely no choices listed in it. For example, double clicking a .png, it has no idea what to do with it, and somehow it thinks that .doc files should be "executed", ending up putting some binary garbage in my dir :)

So my question is, how do I get the "original" settings back? I've tried deleting the 2 lx* dir's + the pcmanfm dir in .config, and I've deleted the .local dir, but while that resets my lxde desktop to original settings, pcmanfm still doesn't know how to open any files.


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