Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

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Select the VFS implementation for future PCManFM.

Poll ended at Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:01 pm

Shift to gio/gvfs, accept gnome dependencies it brings, and try to maximize performance or try to fork gvfs to create a less gnome-dependent gvfs implementation.
Shift to thunar-vfs, and accept all XFCE dependencies it brings.
Fork thunar-vfs (Thunar will be using GIO/GVFS, and we'll need to maintain all of these by ourselves later)
Write our own vfs (Only select this if you're willing to join the development or you know someone who can help. Otherwise choosing this option is not constructive... After all, who is going to do the coding?)
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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by pcorbes »

skottish wrote:I'm one of those people that constantly compile out Gnome dependencies out of programs. The only program that I need from the Gnome project is Evince, and I'm the maintainer of the evince-gtk package for Arch Linux ( ). The relatively long patch that's included in that package is to rid as much as Gnome as possible. The few system libraries that I use do the same
I agree. I think we could also incorporate inside lxde the patched libraries if gio/gvfs depends of to much gnome libraries. But I think, It's important to make our modifications inside conditional compilations enabled by the config file. By this way, we could hope that gnome(or gtk) incorporate our modifications later. This could be a good point for everybody.

Have a nice day,
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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by oui »

hi pcman

the pcmanfm is really the best of all file managers. it is very fast and compact. but the most important reason is in my opinion that you did preserve the possibility of direct writing of the known address of the file. it is often shorter than to surf through the file system.for example /big/jobs/draft.txt or /big/docs/actual.doc

(big is my big partition for all installations with 120 Gbyte)

not so good is the long name of PCManFM :mrgreen:

nonsens :lol: :!:

fastFM, speedFM would be better and shorter to write (in Xterm! sudo clex is very fast for example. clex is good but PCManFM is better for global operations, start programms etc.)

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by DasFox »

Well all I can say is I use LXDE for simplicity, if I want BLING I'll use Gnome or KDE.

I want LXDE to be lighter and faster then XFce and I personally thought that this is the goal here.

The smaller, faster and lighter the better I like it.

For me I say keep it as simple as everyone can handle.

I did an alternate install of Ubuntu Lucid, only installing the base system at the console level, real bare bones, then I installed LXDE and that's it, amongst a few small apps, IceCat, Gimp and Wicd. Let me tell you, I've never seen Ubuntu boot and run so fast and it's the way I like it.

Now I don't use Ubuntu for much, surf the net, some graphics editing and watching videos, and some occasional, hobbyist Linux tinkering, after all it's fun to play with Linux.

If you here because you need a business desktop, I think you're in the wrong place, at least if you need a lot of bells and whistles.

I love everything the way it is, so for me personally I'm not into more, especially having more dependencies throw into the pile.

Hmm I got a good one:

Less Bloat Floats My Boat! LMAO ;)

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by bbmak »

I am not sure which one is good or not. I only want resource efficient PCManFM + feature rich in the future. That is why I choose LXDE
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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by DasFox »

Yes make a fork and KILL the Gnome dependencies!

0.5.2 works just fine for me in Slackware 13.1 and it automounts usb devices.

0.5.2 does everything it's suppose to do, what's the problem?

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by Frieza »

How about defining an abstract interface that bridging the outside dependencies?
That is, make it a pluggable component.

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by junesongnow »

When we don't utilize that, we will have to maintain all the stuff our self as well as we are going to be the only one incompatible effortlessly additional GTK+-based remedies, that will damage our long term advancement.

Precisely why My partner and i think about using GVFS in spite of their numerous gnome dependencies is pretty evident. We by now analyzed their signal, and located if it's in combination with careful attention, we won't automatically obtain more slowly. On the contrary, we can easily help save almost all duplicated attempts, while focusing in things that can be extremely essential.
Besides, we can derive gvfs to eliminate gnome dependencies, if it actually lead to further problems later.

Since XFCE/Thunar can also be shifting to be able to GIO/GVFS, I personally think that it is the proper time to make it happen for people. However, if we are going to follow GIO, it ought to be completed in an easy method keeping all of the overall performance of LXDE. Granted authentic functionality can be conserved, we can be more permissive in incorporating several nominal gnome dependencies.
This really is my estimation.

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by M_Mynaardt »

I like PCManFM just the way it is.

For me, one of the handiest feature is tabbing, so I can zip through several folders with one window.

I don't need that all the time, but I find it's handier than Thunar, where you have to use a different window for each folder you're looking at.
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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by jiangshi »

PCManFM is your baby and good match with LXDE. Keep it!

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by NZ75 »

oui wrote: the pcmanfm is really the best of all file managers.
I agree!
PCManFM (and, honestly, Dolphin too) is the best file manager!!!!
Nautilus 3.x is ridiculous (3.6 is an epic fail), same for all Nautilus forks; I also tested File by ElementaryOS and it's senseless (zero options!!)
Thunar is as fast and clear as PCManFM but I really hate the alignment of folders and files: you open a directory and see 3 folders on each row,
then open another directory and see 5 folders on each row... what is the sense? but the most ridiculous thing is the text alignment:


LOL :lol: