Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

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Select the VFS implementation for future PCManFM.

Poll ended at Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:01 pm

Shift to gio/gvfs, accept gnome dependencies it brings, and try to maximize performance or try to fork gvfs to create a less gnome-dependent gvfs implementation.
Shift to thunar-vfs, and accept all XFCE dependencies it brings.
Fork thunar-vfs (Thunar will be using GIO/GVFS, and we'll need to maintain all of these by ourselves later)
Write our own vfs (Only select this if you're willing to join the development or you know someone who can help. Otherwise choosing this option is not constructive... After all, who is going to do the coding?)
Total votes: 376

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by vanlong441 »

I don't understand all the choices in the poll so I think I should put my opinion down here instead.

PCManFM is neat and truly a standalone file manager without many dependencies. Keep it that way.

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by SantaFe88 »

I like PCmanFM, I also like Thunar. I just wish PCmanFM would remember where you are when you enter a folder & exit it like Thunar.

For Ex: I have a lot of themes, and I'll be scrolling down in the .theme folder and be in the M section. I open a folder say MetalLex and look around. When I go back poof I'm back at the start of the .themes folder & have to scroll all the way back to where I was. Thunar doesn't do that, it remembers where you were.

I know, why don't you use Thunar then, well I DO when I'm in Xfce, but when in LXDE use what the LXDE-ers use I always say. ;)

Anyway, that's my one and ONLY pet Peeve about PCmanFM.

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Re: Vote: Future of PCManFM (Very important!!)

Post by israeldahl »

Volume management is a bigger issue for me at the moment. I need someway to configure the DVD to mount and automatically play. I like the pop up window that asks me what I want to do, but I would like it to remember, and start the DVD player with the DVD loaded and playing. As of now (in Lubuntu 12.04.1 amd64) it will allow me to choose VLC. But when I open VLC I have to manually load the DVD from its menu.