removable devices not on desktop

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removable devices not on desktop

Postby mikemusic » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:36 am

I have been running DL 3.2 successfully on a Dell GX240 with 1G ram.
I recently performed a dist-upgrade.
Foloowing this gnome wouldnt start so I installed lxde
Generally it is working, but removable storage, ie cd / dvd and usb devices do not show up on the
In PCMan I can see my camera but not my usb stick or cd/dvd
I looked at hal.conf? and I think it states that only root and haldeamon can own the devices
the removable devices are visible in usb viewer contro panel
Automount is on according to the configuration editor.
could you tell me what to do to make them visible.
I'm not a total newbie but wouldnt call myself expert.

Many thanks

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