Inhibiting the desktop menu on right-click

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Inhibiting the desktop menu on right-click

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I am installing computers that will be in self-service in a library, so I need to protect the configuration from the little dears.

To this end, Guest users will have access to only a reduced number of programs, through desktop shortcuts and those locked in place and protected, with:

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chattr -R +i ~/Desktop
chattr +i ~config/pcmanfm/LXDE/desktop-items-0.conf
They will not have access to a panel, /usr/bin/lxpanel being replaced with

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exit 0
and the new /usr/bin/panel chattr'ed to protect it from updates.

My last remaining problem to make my desktop bullet-proof is:

Is there a way to inhibit the desktop menu that appears when right-clicking on the desktop ?

Or failing that, to reduce its content to one entry pointing to "Log Out" ?

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Re: Inhibiting the desktop menu on right-click

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I think there are more elegant ways of solving this.
the keyword is "kiosk", several distros specifically designed for that exist, and many more tutorials i suppose. =>