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New Driver for LXDE Forum

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Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that Rex Bouwense is the new driver (full administrator) of LXDE Forum.

He was and still the most interested one to keep this place alive. This step should have been done ages ago. He is super helpful, super kind, super nice and always go the extra miles to help people. Without his help, I'm sure this place would have died long time back.

That's the good news :)

Now ..

I'm sorry to inform you that due to unavoidable reasons, I am stepping down as the full administrator of this forum.
However, I'm around in case I need to step in for any technical issue on this forum until everyone is more comfortable to use the administrator panel, etc.

Kindly provide Rex all the support he needs and I'm sure you will.

In case you need to contact me for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to do so:

Thank you so much and I wish all the best to Rex and this forum :)
Feel Free to contact me: