GPicView rewrites its own config file

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GPicView rewrites its own config file

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In Mint I was using Gpicview and somehow in that distro it was always starting maximized - whether with an image to view or no image. But for a few days now I'm using Arch and in Arch there doesn't seem to be a way to make it remember I want it to start always maximized. I tried editing its conf file but it started maximized only once. After that goes back to a small window in the middle of the screen which means that for some reason gpicview rewrites its own configuration.
Any suggestions how to make it remember my settings?

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Re: GPicView rewrites its own config file

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I can confirm that gpicview behaves a llittle randomly on archlinux; I can only suggest to use one of the many alternatives.
fwiw, I use geeqie; stone-old but still in [extra], lightweight and feature-rich. that one definitely remembers.