GPicView 0.2 beta is coming with GIF animation support!

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GPicView 0.2 beta is coming with GIF animation support!

Postby PCMan » Tue May 19, 2009 4:58 am

Finally, we have yet another new release of GPicView.

Really glad to announce the upcoming release of gpicview 0.2.
With the help from Marty Jack and Louis Casillas, some new features are added.
* GIF animation support!!
* Save jpeg and png files with different compression ratio.
* Background color can be freely changed.
* Some bug fixes.
* UI polishing.
* New translations
So, we’re going to release gpicview 0.2 soon.
Currently a beta version 0.1.99 will be released first for testing.
If there are typos or inappropriate text on UI, feel free to bug report.

Once everything goes fine, the strings in the UI will be frozen.
Then it’s the time for translators to get all of them translated, and
we can make a 0.2 stable release.


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