Raspberry Pi 3's modified LXDE - how unmodify?

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Raspberry Pi 3's modified LXDE - how unmodify?

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This is a longish-shot maybe. I have just bought a 'Raspberry Pi 3' computer which can be used with an altered version of Debian Jessie, 'Raspbian', using LXDE. It was straight LXDE for a few years, but the latest is customised. The panel seems unalterable in terms of the colour of the text, and there is a box around the menu icon.

I thought if I logged out and chose LXDE instead of Default-session I would get plain LXDE but the alterations are still in place. I thought the Pi parts would be bypassed, that they would have stemmed from something in /home/pi/.config for example. Changing the gtk theme has no effect - the 'box' remains and the text can't change colour. Ideally I'd just install Debian LXDE for armhf but apparently this brings about a drivers nightmare - not even graphics work and so on.

Has anyone here achieved what I've tried to? I'll regress the OS to Wheezy if the .img is still around somewhere otherwise as I'm a bit OCD about the look of things and will not be online with the Pi.


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Re: Raspberry Pi 3's modified LXDE - how unmodify?

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May be you should try lxpanel from Jessie, i.e. https://packages.debian.org/jessie/armh ... l/download (version 0.7.2) or even from Stretch https://packages.debian.org/stretch/arm ... l/download should be installable (it is 0.8.2, and I hope 0.9.0 will be released soon enough), although you'll miss Pi's network plugin then, those in original LXPanel are really poor. You'll need lxpanel and lxpanel-data packages, they are dependent so should be installed together.