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My monitors settings are not being loaded in LXQT on login

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:26 am
by lhorace

Desktop: LXQT 0.10

WM: Kwin

LXQt is not restoring my monitors preferences on login irregardless to the preferences stored in the configuration file.

I have a dual head display, HDMI and a DVI, with DVI position on the right. I ran `lxqt-config-monitor`, configured my preferences, hit save. According to `strace`, the file `/home/[USERNAME]/.config/LXQt/lxqt-config-monitor.conf` is created and preferences saved. See below:

Code: Select all

currentConfig="@ByteArray({\n    \"outputs\": [\n        {\n            \"connected\": true,\n            \"currentMode\": \"85\",\n            \"enabled\": true,\n            \"hash\": \"2e49cd0db6a9df4d2abaa3d079fd01be\",\n            \"name\": \"HDMI-0\",\n            \"primary\": true,\n            \"rotation\": 1,\n            \"xPos\": 0,\n            \"yPos\": 0\n        },\n        {\n            \"connected\": true,\n            \"currentMode\": \"85\",\n            \"enabled\": true,\n            \"hash\": \"56a5da8ba95fe5c64fc5c7c0210fcba3\",\n            \"name\": \"DVI-0\",\n            \"primary\": false,\n            \"rotation\": 1,\n            \"xPos\": 1919,\n            \"yPos\": 16\n        },\n        {\n            \"connected\": false,\n            \"name\": \"VGA-0\"\n        }\n    ]\n}\n)"
However, on logout and logging back in, monitors are initialize with with the default clone behavior. Furthermore, upon launching `lxqt-config-monitor`, my configuration preferences are lost.

Is this a known problem and is there a workaround?