No more connection with Wicd network manager

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No more connection with Wicd network manager

Post by Askalex »

Hi, the Wicd network manager on Debian 9 Stretch does not connect to the Internet anymore, neither with Wi-Fi nor with LAN, proper IP and DNS settings.
After clicking the wifi connection (which has worked long time) it tries to connect, after a while it says wrong password; but the pw is/was saved and not changed, so definitely correct.
With LAN it says connection successful (for a very short moment) but than not connected...

I did no updates, no changes on that OS; no idea what have happened.

Is there a way to fix it OFFLINE? thanks for your time.

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Re: No more connection with Wicd network manager

Post by drooly »

Sorry for the late reply - Summer holiday.
Which distro do you use? Why aren't you updating it - you should?
Have you always used wicd?
Can you get any meaningful error messages from wicd?