Registration requirements

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Registration requirements

Post by bharvey63 »

Perhaps a "normal" captcha for registration might be a bit more reasonable. After all, we're only looking to help make LDXE better, not applying for LXDE certification :)


Rex Bouwense
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Re: Registration requirements

Post by Rex Bouwense »

Sorry. We don't make the rules, we just put up with them. The requirement to have your first post approved was lifted for a couple months and we were deluged with thousands of SPAM. The requirement was re-introduced and we have been without SPAM for a year. I agree that a good old capcha might serve the purpose just as well. Your comments here may just be the vote that persuades admin to go to that.
By the welcome to the LXDE forum. We appreciate all the help that we can get.

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Re: Registration requirements

Post by DoktorJones »

The anti-spam thing is HORRIBLY BROKEN.

I just wasted ten minutes of my life trying to register for this forum; I can only imagine how many users were dissuaded from completing registration due to issues similar to what I faced.

Basically, the anti-spam question loves to report
The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.
You have provided an invalid answer to the question.
"What LXDE utility can configure your desktop theme?" -> LXAppearance -> "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."
"What is the display manager in LXDE which gives you login window?" -> LXDM -> "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."
"What LXDE utility can set your screen resolution and rotation?" -> LXRandr -> "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."
"What is the music player used in LXDE?" -> LXMusic -> "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."
"What is the session manager used in LXDE?" -> LXSession -> "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."
"What is the image viewer used in LXDE?" -> GPicView -> "Your account has been created."

If these are indeed NOT the answers then you need to re-think your questions, because after Googling the first one or two I consulted your very wiki for the answers and still got rejected. I think I even got the image viewer question earlier in my registration quest, and it rejected that very same answer... so chances are, something's broken with the plugin.

I say stick with what works, and use a vanilla reCAPTCHA plugin. Sure, sometimes it comes up with illegible text, but usually a refresh or two gets a decipherable image and the user can move on with registration.

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Re: Registration requirements

Post by drooly »

sometimes with these forms, one has to press "F5" (reload the page) in between tries.

fwiw, i do hope the questions/answers are case insensitive.