Live cd not available

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Live cd not available

Post by sirio81 »

The 32 bit and 64 bit link in the download page ( are both broken.

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because 'current' debian is not wheezy anymore.
Please update the links:

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Thnak you.

Rex Bouwense
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Re: Live cd not available

Post by Rex Bouwense »

Thank you for the information. However, this forum is composed of volunteers who devote their efforts to providing assistance to other users of LXDE. We are not connected to the development of the DE except some of our forum members may participate in that process. If you just want to install LXDE to your Debian system, open a terminal and as root type

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apt-get install lxde

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Re: Live cd not available

Post by drooly »

to clarify, lxde is not a distribution and those links have been added as a convenience.
imho it's wrong to put links to debian lxde without further explanation - debian is not lxde.