phpBB updated to 3.1; Language packs removed.

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phpBB updated to 3.1; Language packs removed.

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If you are using different languages from English on this forums, you might find that it became English again.

I am trying to keep the forums up-to-date, and installing updates sometimes need to update language packs. To ease the efforts on maintenance, I decided to remove language packs on phpBB. However, the forums for your local languages are still available, and is welcomed if you want to add another. (it is the content of the forum, not a function, and it does not increase efforts when updating phpBB)

Due to the mod/extension incompatibility, the old Topic Solved records are cleared, but the function is added back using an extension.

Feel free to file any complaints in reply if you have any.

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Re: phpBB updated to 3.1; Language packs removed.

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nice, all the popup menus without the slightest bit of javascript!