New Project by amjjawad

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New Project by amjjawad

Postby amjjawad » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:51 pm

Hi, ... ystem.html

Long story short: I'm trying to build a very minimal based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Mini ISO which is very basic, very simple, very lightweight (lighter than Lubuntu and other LXDE Systems) and offer the CHOICE to a Linux User to decide what package/software he/she wants to install. Kind of like Arch Linux Concept but much easier.

Have a look at the link above and tell me what do you think? :)

Currently, I'm trying to choose a name (Mubuntu in mind - M = Minimal) and trying to decide what is the lightest DE I could use, yet not very ugly :D ... -desktops/

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Re: New Project by amjjawad

Postby amjjawad » Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:57 am

Feel Free to contact me:

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Re: New Project by amjjawad

Postby rokytnji » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:20 pm

I've toyed with the idea of making my own Minimal Ubuntu install with Icewm and Fluxbox as my 2 Window Managers for install. Openbox alone could be a third I guess like Crunchbang uses. I would install smxi.sgfxi,and inxi scripts into it also. This would have been just for me though amjjawad. Personal use because I have no desire
to hand hold anybody else that wants to piggy back off of it.

I am waiting though for the next LTS before trying this, because of time constraints. I am adding to and restructuring my Motorcycle shop in Sept and Oct.

I will probably
also install small stuff like scrot,moc, in other words look at a AntiX core installed package list, a AntiX base package list, and a AntiX Full package list and
pick and choose what I want from there. Also borrow some scripts like and GTK-YouTube_viewer, and use xmms for music,wicd and ceni for
network managers and Rox File Manager and SpaceFM (instead of PCManFM) or XFE file manager. Still on the fence with some of this stuff as you
know it takes great thought and planning and pencil and paper before embarking on something like this. Try to keep the install space at / at between 2 and 3 gigs.

Conky and wbar or awn will run in fluxbox and openbox. Lxpanel can also. Icewm has it's own toolbar and I can make it do what ever I want as I am
comfy in using it. My Mint 14 Fluxbox

that is a work in progress because it was made on Mint 14 Mate Desktop enviorment and Caja file Manager plays hell with the desktop integration like pcmanfm does
with LXDE Desktop Environment. That is why I like Window Managers instead. Good luck with your project.

Happy Trails, Rok 8-)
Base iso with lxpanels running in Fluxbox.
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