My first impression about LXQt

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My first impression about LXQt

Postby RyanBram » Thu May 15, 2014 2:21 pm

Hi LXDE and LXQt communities, greetings.

My name is Ryan and I am from Indonesia. I'm new in using LXQt or LXDE.

I just finished my review about LXQt 0.7.0. You can visit my website ... d-desktop/ if you want.

My first impression of LXQt can be summarized as following:

LXQt Pros :
    Light-weight, reliable, and stable
    Traditional desktop for familiarity
    Full featured
    Modular, flexible, and portable

LXQt Cons :
    Graphical configuration for some setting is incomplete
    Organization of menu in Configuration Center are too complicated
    Inconsistency of looks and feel

I am aware that LXQt is still in beta stage, so some missing feature may be filled when the stable version was released. I wrote my review in user perspective so I hope my opinion can be considered as non-technical or common user opinion.

I want to thank to LXQt developers for their hard work in developing good and usable software. I hope I can hear feedback from this community about my review. Feel free to response my opinion. (^_^)

Best regards,
Ryan Bram

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