fbpanel - now with improved genmon plugin

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fbpanel - now with improved genmon plugin

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fbpanel is a great, lightweight panel.
lxpanel has been developed from it, but fbpanel is still around, and has a few features that lxpanel has not!

Let me try to summarize:
- it's lightweight, looks minimalistic, but still follows the current gtk2 theme
- all the features of a panel: menu, taskbar, launchbar, pager, systray, clock, some system monitors - but without a preferences gui.
- it's stone old, but still under sporadic development
- it has the unique, wonderful and irreplaceable "icons" plugin that allows one to change particular applications' icons. e.g., are you annoyed with urxvt displaying the blue and white app default icon? can be changed. not only on the panel, but also on openbox' windows decorations.
- it has a few undocumented features (please see code below *), amongst which a genmon (generic monitor) plugin, which i have now improved slightly.

...and this is how it looks on my system:

btw, the maintainer of the lxlinux pages also has a page dedicated to fbpanel: http://lxlinux.com/fbpanel.html
for a good introduction & recent version of fbpanel, see here.