LXDE as the standard 'reference' window manager?

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LXDE as the standard 'reference' window manager?

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Linux and other X11 desktop environments would benefit from better standardization by having a "reference" window manager. That used to be 'twm'. My understanding is that the LXDE goal is be a standards-compliant window manager, including the new Freedesktop.org specs, but without unneccessary junk. Maybe it would be a good place to collaborate with other window-manager developers as a common place to work out the details for the X11 desktop standards. OTOH, wm developers often get involved because they have their own vision of how the X11 desktop should evolve.

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Re: LXDE as the standard 'reference' window manager?

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This is an exact duplicate of viewtopic.php?f=34&t=38933
Why, jelske?
In any case, my answer from then still applies.
Anyhow, LXDE is not a window manager. It's a desktop environment. Openbox is its window manager. Since you're comparing to twm this distinction matters.