What is the difference between LXDE & Lubuntu?

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What is the difference between LXDE & Lubuntu?

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I am getting confused about the cross references between LXDE and LUBUNTU.
Could you spell out for a beginner what their differences are, what each of them do, and how they are related?
I know Lubuntu is an OS -- where does LXDE fit into the OS? Is LXDE an OS of its own? Why is a Lubuntu Forum named LXDE Forum?

Rex Bouwense
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Re: What is the difference between LXDE & Lubuntu?

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LXDE stands for Lightweight X Desktop Environment. It is not an operating system. It is installed on top of an operating system. There are roughly 40 plus OS that use it. Lubuntu (through the 18.04 version) is merely Ubuntu with LXDE installed on top of it. LXQT is the new desktop environment for Lubuntu starting with the 19.04 version. LXDE components; file manager, window manager, LXPanel, etc have very few dependencies, generally run independently, and can be replaced with other applications without problems. It is an excellent DE for low powered or older computers but can also be run on newer computers. The founder of LXDE, PCMan, has developed a modernized version, LXQT, which uses different default programs. It however was not designed to run on older or under-powered computers but still has the speed of LXDE. This forum is not a Lubuntu forum. Many of its contributors use Lubuntu but others use Debian, Knoppix, Peppermint, or another OS. Many of the Desktop Environments such as KDE, XFCE, and LXQT have their own forums and handle questions and problems related to their DE.