Plugin text label aligned to ceiling?

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Plugin text label aligned to ceiling?

Post by Maddy »

I just wrote my first two lxpanel plugins using as a base and simply modifying it for my needs.

Raspberry Pi OS Buster
LXPanel 0.10.0

The attached screenshot shows the second to last panel item is aligned to the ceiling while the last one is not.

Both plugins update the label identically:
Temperature (temp.c):

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static void update_display(Temp *pPlugin)
    char output[16];
    char faren[16];
    exec("vcgencmd measure_temp | sed 's/temp=\\([0-9]\\+\\)\\.[0-9]\\+.C/\\1°C/'",output,16);
    float far = atoi(output);
    far *= 9.f/5.f;
    far += 32;
    lxpanel_draw_label_text(pPlugin->panel, pPlugin->gLabel, output, TRUE, 1, TRUE);
    gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text(pPlugin->gLabel, faren);
Battery (gpiobatt.c):

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static void update_display(Batt *pPlugin)
    char output[16];
    exec("python /home/pi/",output,16);
    char percent[16];
    char voltage[16];
    for (int i = 0;i < 16;++i)
        if (output[i] == ' ')
            percent[i] = '%';
            percent[++i] = '\0';
            voltage[4] = 'V';
            voltage[5] = '\0';
        percent[i] = output[i];
    lxpanel_draw_label_text(pPlugin->panel, pPlugin->gLabel, percent, TRUE, 1, TRUE);
    gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text(pPlugin->gLabel, voltage);
Yet when temp.c does it, it is off center and I am very confused as to why..

Full sources:
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Re: Plugin text label aligned to ceiling?

Post by drooly »

Obviously you need to compare what is different between the two.
The actual output (last 2 lines of code) seems identical, so the (content of the) variables themselves must differ.
I don't understand much C or CPP, but I can see differences in how the relevant variables are filled with content.
Maybe you should use snprintf for the temperature, too?