Flashy Slideshows & Advanced Image Search for Linux

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Flashy Slideshows & Advanced Image Search for Linux

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Hello world..!
I am a programmer and LXDE user from Greece..
I have been a lurker till now , enjoying the great job done by the LXDE community in all my PC's and laptops and having never really contribued to the project..
My main "specialty" is Computer Vision and Graphics , and with that beeing said I would like to present two of my most useful tools that may be incorporated into something bigger , as part of the LXDE project..!

The first one is called Advanced Image Search for linux :p
It is basically a command line version of a tool like the advanced image search of google. Its purpose is making content aware searches on image files easy..

You can search using a multitude of methods and criteria like image sizes , image colors , similarity measures , face detection , and other methods..

So if we have an image and we want to select all images like it we could do it by issuing "lsimg -like ~/OurImage.jpg ~/" to search images like it in our home dir..
For more information you can read this the project repo is here https://github.com/AmmarkoV/AdvancedImageSearch
What I imagine it beeing able to do ( in a possible future :P ) is right->clicking on an image file from pcmanfm , then clicking Select similar , using this project to get a list of similar files and then automatically selecting all of them for the user..
This would be state-of-the art HCI in a file manager :)
I would also like to say here ( to the possible non-believer ) that it actually works pretty nice and ( up until now ) the only dependencies of the project are libjpeg and libpng ,it is also written in C so it is by no means bloated with a thousand dependencies.. Face Detection and Pattern recognition will also need OpenCV which is currently not used

The second project I wanted to show you is called flashy slideshows and it is a hardware accelerated slideshow application..


The goal of the project is a user-friendly hardware accelerated slideshow application , with zoom/pan effects , Ken Burns effects , smooth transitions , face/edge detection , fast hardware-accelerated performance , that will look something like PS3 Slideshow.
It has a standalone "file manager" based on wx-Widgets but the 3d application is actually console based , so it could possibly very well be incorporated into pcmanfm for a better user experience in this kind of use than gpicview..

There are some bugs that I haven't fixed yet ( i.e. fullscreen mode doesnt work ) , but the whole design is pretty low level and robust , and as for performance using GPU textures as well as RAM it beats hands down any picture viewer I have seen on the linux platform..

I hope someone somewhere finds them useful , but in any case this is also a chance to say a thank you here :)
If you want any more details etc , contact me via pm , email etc..
I will keep lurking :P
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