New menu plugin?

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New menu plugin?

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I know I've beaten this topic to death, but I'm really starting to get bothered.

I'm trying to wrap my head around why the default specification for the menu plugin is so lacking. :|

Is the reason it can't be modified due to openbox being severely limited in what the user can add/modify?

Just in the same forum, you'll find a thread where a user has put up a mockup of what the menu could be.

Why is there no way to add a search box? Change the size of the menu? Add different components to the menu? :?

I honestly find it hard to believe most folk are satisfied with how the menu ships by default. Only taking up a fraction of the screen compared to most other menus. :roll:

What I don't get is how no one is willing to update the technologies behind it to enable further progress of the menu.

I'm not a developer (by any means) but out of all the people out there who use LXDE, can you really say you're fine with it how it is?

I can't. :)

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Re: New menu plugin?

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That Random Guy wrote:I'm trying to wrap my head around why the default specification for the menu plugin is so lacking. :|
it's not lacking, it's just hard to find: ... ec/latest/

i agree that desktop environment developers tend to reinvent the wheel (or wheels), making it really hard for people to get at the core of things.
certainly goes for app menus.

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New menu plugin

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I ask you to try the plugin 'QtPregenForCB' to verify that the context menu works correctly.

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Re: New menu plugin?

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