LXDE on machines with more than one desktop

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LXDE on machines with more than one desktop

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I'm thinking about a change and have installed LXDE alongside KDE. The main problem is that due to the way the freedesktop.org xdg spec is set up all of the applications on my machine in /usr/share/applications/ show up in the menu. Also the same in KDE.

I log in using SDDM and have LXDE as a separate user account. That causes LXDE to use a different menu tree to the KDE one. I've found that PCmanFM can be used to hide entries in LXDE and the same sort of thing can be done in KDE. What's not clear is how LXDE arranges to hide them. KDE does it via a user rather than system wide menu tree. I'm wondering if there is some way of getting LXDE to do the same thing?

I have copied the system wide LXDE menu tree to ~./config/menu/ but it doesn't seem to have any effect. If I hide items I don't see any change in it so wonder how that is managed?

To be honest I'd rather ~./local/share/applications was scanned into the menus as I feel that would be more easily managed. It would just mean moving desktop files from the main store to it or maybe just creating links. I've also copied some desktop files to this directory but again no change.

:?: Any ideas? I have a feeling that people running different desktops on the same machine hasn't been covered very well and also different users on the same machine even using the same desktops.