Updating lxmusic

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Updating lxmusic

Post by w0rp »

Hello! Does anyone know who I can contact for creating a pull request (or otherwise submit code for review) for lxmusic, and for getting a new version published? I have at least one change I'd like to make. I use KDE these days, but I use lxmusic all the time, which has been my favorite music player GUI for years.

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Updating lxmusic

Post by bennieKig »

Does anyone have any advice on updating gcc versions from 4.9 to 7.3? I have tried but I am getting some errors during make. I was hoping that someone has at least updated past 4.9 to a newer version and perhaps I can outline what I am doing. 4.9 is pretty good. Covers c11 and a few features from c14 and c17 but it would be nice to take advantage of some newer features that I already use in other projects.

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Re: Updating lxmusic

Post by drooly »

bennieKig wrote:Does anyone have any advice on updating gcc versions from 4.9 to 7.3?
you aren't even telling us which distro you're using...
maybe your OS has an option to install multiple compilers side by side, but i wouldn't remove the one that comes with the distro.
maybe it's time to upgrade your OS.