LXDE, how does it work???

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LXDE, how does it work???

Postby cyberlew » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:08 pm

I am an aspiring developer. I have downloded various X-based Desktop Environments source codes because I have an idea for improving linux desktop's, what I cannot seem to figure out is how to make an X11 Desktop environment that registers it'self as the desktop environment and does nothing else (like Hello World without the writing!)

I'm using Debian Lenny (the so-called stable release) but it will not let me compile any programs telling me that XOpenDisplay is not defined etc, I do have some books on the subject but there code is useless, I type it in line-by-line and it won't work.

I think X11/Xlib.h hs been updated but the documenttion online is horrendous please links, info even a tutorial would be nice (I m planning on coming bck to LXDE once I better understand the workings of a desktop environment within X

Thanks and sorry for any mis-spellings my wireless keybord is a four letter C word :D

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