PCLXDE Released!

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Re: PCLXDE Released!

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edward wrote: I'm not knocking any one distro. I feel that most of the distros should include a default kernel with the image, that will install on the widest available range of systems (at least a 586-based CPU), then if the user wants to install a kernel more optimized for their specific CPU, they can certainly do that.
Not every Linux user is a Kernel compiling user. And not everyone wants to be. I certainly dont want to.

How many new Ubuntu users you expect to run Lubuntu (picked since its your distro of choice), decide its too slow and compile a new kernel? Nope, I expect they will go 'Linux is too slow' or 'Lubuntu is too slow' or 'LXDE is too slow' and move to a different distro. Hey Maybe they will try PCLXDE and say 'Wow. Look at how zippy it is'

If people want to run a distro on older hardware, there are already distros for that. Puppy anyone?