Hardware Texture Compression Support

Problems with hardware & laptops not being detected or supported during or after install.
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Hardware Texture Compression Support

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I am a WinXP refugee and am testing distros and really enjoy my install of Lubuntu with LXDE. I have installed a game (DDO online) via WINE and am receiving the following error when it runs: "Game Error [129]: Hardware texture compression support was not detected. This video card feature is required to run this game." I had previously installed Zorin OS linux on the same machine and the game ran without the error, so I believe that the problem isn't the video card itself. Is it the video driver or something else with LXDE ? Many thanks if you can help.

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Re: Hardware Texture Compression Support

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i think your problem goes beyond LXDE as a desktop environment and you should try to get help with it either on ubuntu forums or on wine forums.
probably on wine forums.
if it runs on zorin on the same hardware, then you can also make it work on lubuntu.