Freeze upon login

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Freeze upon login

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I have an old computer (2002?) on which I've been trying to install Ubuntu or Lubuntu 32-bit, but it keeps locking up every time I log in. (Ubuntu 16.04 would freeze as soon as log in screen appeared. Lubuntu 17.10 freezes about 5 seconds after I type in password; it doesn't freeze if I don't proceed past login screen). My hard drive with XP (no dual boot) has been running "fine". I've tried installation on different (blank) hard drives (usually with 4 partitions--4 gb swap, 500 mb boot, 25 gb root, extra space home--last the ext4), but all to no avail. (I was able to run Puppy from Live CD... though no internet because of drivers.)

Motherboard: Soyo Dragon KT600 ultra
RAM: 1.5 GB (I've tried with different RAM configurations, but hasn't helped... ordered more MB takes 3x1gb DDR 400)
Graphics: Radeon 9500 Pro (using monitor on VGA rather than DVI so it seems to use register the device as Radeon 9500... DVI is Radeon 5400 pro)
PS is 650 W
No USB from boot on this motherboard which makes things kind of a pain

I'm able to boot to safe mode and run from Terminal and connect internet (e.g. run update).

I'm not very familiar with Linux yet, so I'm not really sure where to proceed from here. Spent a couple days on this and am lost now, so if anyone could point me in the right direction of things to check, that'd be great! Let me know if more info is needed.

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Re: Freeze upon login

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you are going to have to try a few more; i think puppy is a good choice, another would be antiX, which is also meant to be installed on hd.

for general info, you could post the output of

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lspci -k
if burning cds bothers you, maybe the plop boot manager can help.