Tapping gone , again.

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Tapping gone , again.

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I have a laptop running Fedora 26 LXDE spin and since synaptics went out of fashion the mouse tapping did not work. I was able to restore this functionality by adding a short file to xorg.conf.d adding a secion for libinput to enable tapping:

Option "Tapping" "1"

I now have another system on which I have installed Fedora 27 LXDE. I tried the same trick and this does activate tapping at the login manager but as soon as I'm logged in to the desktop, I have no tapping again.

Can someone explain what this is about , and hopefully how to fix it. Touchpad tapping is way too productive to do without.


[EDIT] Slight error on that situation: I was only doing "change user" and logging in with the same name. This does not actually stop X11 , and reopens the same session. If I do actually log out. I get Tapping when I login again. That much is fine.

The remaining problem in the two finger tap to paste the primary buffer. That works in the Fed26 machine but not the new one.

There is a similar config line : Option "TapButton" "2" but this was not needed on Fed26 and does not seem to have any effect on Fed27 anyway.

Can anyone help fix this?

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Re: Tapping gone , again.

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luxy wrote:Can anyone help fix this?
please understand that this is not an LXDE issue, and very much a fedora issue. post about your problem on their forums.
you are living on the bleeding edge, using fedora.

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Tapping gone again

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Just checking to see if the HDBB2 has any issues with encoder inputs for tapping.