touchpad configuration

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touchpad configuration

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Hi, I have the following problem related with the touchpad of my laptop.

I got an Asus R409C in 2015, and got Debian 8 installed on it by some guys from my university. There was a problem with the touchpad, seemingly because it was very new hardware. So they disabled it, and since then I have been using a mouse. But now I would like to finally use the touchpad, and I have no contact with the guys any more. I have tried everything I found online but couldnt make it work again. It looks like every config file is as it should be, but if I look at the settings, the touchpad is not recognized.
Note that I have a dualboot with windows, and that the touchpad works well there.

Any idea of what I should try? I apologize for this fuzzy request. Thank you very much for the help.