bandwidth monitor panel applet

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bandwidth monitor panel applet

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is there such an applet out there which tells me per second what the up/download speed is ?
i know about programs such as conky and gkrellm, but they don't reside in the lxpanel.
So I'm looking foor something like netspeed (gnome), but for LXDE

any help much appreciated


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Re: bandwidth monitor panel applet

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I don't think so it is there but as far as I know there are applications available so if you want then you can search and get it downloaded.

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Re: bandwidth monitor panel applet

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Welcome to the lxde forum. Unfortunately, the thread is about a year old and has not received any response and no bumps from the OP so it is probably a good bet to say that the OP has lost interest or has received a response on his own from other sources and has not marked the thread as solved or shared his information so others can benefit. If you have something to add please post it so all of us can learn. Thank you.
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Re: bandwidth monitor panel applet

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Actually, there is, it's called Network Status Monitor, when it's added to the panel, the icon shows two monitors. If you double-click it, a window opens up displaying items including the activity (Received/Sent) in packets and Mb.
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