Can't connect wirelessly with netbooik

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Can't connect wirelessly with netbooik

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I am trying to connect a netbook (Compaq CQ 110c Mini) using wireless Linksys router (and Ubuntu 13.10). No available wireless connections appear (only option to set up VPN). (This computer connects fine with Win XP.) My desktop (HP DX2200) connects fine wirelessly with Lubuntu 13.10. (Available netowork connection is noted on left top corner of screen after boot and appears in bar below,) Can you help?

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Re: Can't connect wirelessly with netbooik

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Hi and welcome to the LXDE forum. Have you enabled Networking and Wi-Fi. You can do this by right clicking the network connection icon in the LXPanel and choosing Enable Networking and Enable Wi-Fi. Also make sure your Wi-Fi button is turned on. I am not familiar with your hardware but on my ASUS EeePC I toogle Fn + F2 and that turns it on and off.

After I posted this, I noticed that seppalta had posted in the topic just below yours with a site
He maintains that site. If the quick fixes that I mentioned do not work for you or you have already tried them, go to his site and that should point you in the right direction.
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