Gnome 3 Keyring Integration

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Gnome 3 Keyring Integration

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Hi dear all,

I'm running gentoo, which package tree is getting rid of Gnome 2 components.
Until a few days ago, i was requested for a keyring password in order to unlock the keyring so that encrypted Wifi password could be retrieve and transmitted to NetworkManager which eventually could open network connection.

The involved libsecret package has now be upgraded to a version that requires version 3 gnome-keyring and libgnome-keyring components.

Has any one succeeded to integrate gnome 3 keyring tool chain with our little LXDE?
Is there any workaround to have Wifi password encrypted ?

MATE seems to be a Gnome 2 fork... And it has a keyring tools chain too... Despite being a challenger to LXDE it also could be a friend in this matter.

Any experience to share regarding my issue, should it be cureless?

Thanks for your attention.