I need usb wifi adapter that works out of the box For LXLE

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I need usb wifi adapter that works out of the box For LXLE

Postby jbander » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:00 am

I need this to try to convert 5 computers at the homeless shelter I volunteer at, They are running XP and are a mess, Slow, with Viruses and unsupported. I would prefer it to be inexpensive because I'm floating the bill. I just need one to start with to see if the people can handle LXLE, I find LXLE to be put together well and as easy as linux gets. This is for LXLE 32 bit 12.04 revisited

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Re: I need usb wifi adapter that works out of the box For LX

Postby Rex Bouwense » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:55 am

Welcome to the LXDE forum. I corrected the title of your thread to bring it in line with your problem.
You probably need to provide some additional information like what computer(s) you are using. In the mean time you can go here

https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... sSupported

and check it for yourself.
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Lubuntu 18.04

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Re: I need usb wifi adapter that works out of the box For LX

Postby drooly » Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:01 am

yes, basically the same as ubuntu, because LXLE is based on (l)ubuntu.

and usually those usb wifi adapters manufacturers/hardware/firmware is the same as for the built-in cards, so try to find some info about how it works on linux before buying it.
(as a negative example, i recently installed linux on a laptop with a built-in SiS wireless chip, and that was horror).

try to find something that works without installing firmware, purely open source.
look at this list: http://h-node.org/wifi/catalogue/en
and choose the ones that work purely with free software.

are all 5 computers the same? if not, and they're older, it won't be so easy?
are all 5 computers less than 10 years old? if older, it won't be so easy.

on a side-note (sorry for the rant) i'm not so sure if LXLE is such a good distro.
they are high up in the distrowatch-charts at the moment, but i think they've only been doing it for a year.

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