nm-applet keeps crashing

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nm-applet keeps crashing

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I have lubuntu 14.04 on my laptop (samsung), and in the last few weeks my nm-applet keeps crashing- every few minutes/ hours it stops seeing any network. and when I disable nerworking and then enable it's back working normally.
It happens when i'm home and haven't moved the computer, and my roommate don't have any problems with the internet, so it's clearly my computer.
I'm not sure what started this problem, and it happens randomly.
How can I fix that?

Thanks for the responses :)

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Re: nm-applet keeps crashing

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Try Wicd or Connman. See if they work. If not, then it is probably a hardware issue. It should not be too hard to install a new network card.

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lspci | grep -i ethernet

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lspci | grep -i wifi]
will identify your network card. http://lxlinux.com/#16.