Remastered LXDE Linux Live CDS

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Remastered LXDE Linux Live CDS

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I usually install and configure my Desktop environments from a core install instead of a prepackaged live iso. I figured it would not hurt to show some other pre-configured LXDE Linux Live CDS that run some of the latest Bleeding edge stuff also.

Exton remasters some pretty difficult to install Linux Distros like Crux and Gentoo and turns them into live isos. He also has Arch and Slackware and other remastered live cds that are off the beaten path so to speak.

A good site IMO. I keep Extons site (bottom Link) bookmarked along with as I find that Motho ke motho ka botho a good wealth of information on doing advanced stuff in any Linux Distro or Desktop that I am using. Just sharing the info is all. 8-)
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