Ever seen anything like this?

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Ever seen anything like this?

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Occasionally I see my LXDE device crash with this output pattern. Does the pattern give a clue as to the reason why the device crashed? It happens once every few weeks with one of my devices. I have no idea of the cause, it occurs at seemingly random intervals. Hope you can help!

Hardware is NVidia Jetson Nano.

I should add, that overall the image looks grey, this is a close up of the pixels on the screen. This image represents around 10% of the width of a 1080p output.

I am running our opengl based application, which normally runs just fine, but occasionally this happens. Sometimes soon after starting the device (and our application) other times it will run for days and days and this won’t happen at all.

it seems like a very specific pattern, something that I am sure our application is not generating.

I can still access the device via SSH when this occurs, but I cannot use the device as the screen is filled with this pattern.

sudo pkill X

does get rid of the grey pattern, and returns me to the login page on the device

this doesn’t really solve my problem, but i guess it gives us a hint where the issue is coming from?

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Re: Ever seen anything like this?

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Isn't that the default old X11 background pattern form the 80ies?

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