Windows and desktop icons dissappear

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Windows and desktop icons dissappear

Post by isaiahschoen »

I'm having this strange problem that's getting on my nerves where all my file manager windows and my desktop shortcuts disappear. I can still reopen pcmanfm but my desktop shortcuts won't come back until I log out and log back in. Any suggestions?

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Re: Windows and desktop icons dissappear

Post by drooly »

Since the desktop icons are also provided py pcmanfm, I have to assume that pcmanfm crashes.
Which distro (also version) and desktop environment (LXDE presumably)?
Which version of pcmanfm?
Is this the only problem you experience?
Is your system up-to-date?

After the crash try to execute the following command:

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pcmasnfm --desktop
Do you get your desktop back, as desired?

Also, see if you can find one or several files called xsession-errors or Xorg.0.log or similar in your home folder (also look for hidden files) or in ~/.local/share/xorg or in /tmp.

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